Rest Easy

by Vaughn Boyage

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Recorded with friends in cabins and apartments throughout this year. More to come.


released November 12, 2017

Words and music by Rob May
Except "Lake Effect" music by Rob May, Lorena Ruiz, and Rob Alexander

Drums, percussion, vocals: Rob Alexander
Guitar, vocals: Nelson Calero
Bass: Nick Gonzalez
Vocals: Halie Holmes
Guitar, bass, vocals: Rob May
Cello, vocals: Lorena Ruiz
Vocals: Ariane Ryan

Recorded at:
The Chuzz Factory, Wareham MA
Rob's house, Bronx NY
Nick's house, Brooklyn NY
Treespeaker's house, Brooklyn NY

Produced, engineered, & mixed by Rob May
Sonic advice from Rob Alexander, Duncan Clark, Nick Gonzalez, Nick Horner, David Lefcort, and Jack Shirley
Mastered by Jack Shirley at the Atomic Garden
Photo & cover design by Rob May

Message me if you're wondering about any gear/techniques, or if you'd like any of us to work with you or your band.


all rights reserved



Vaughn Boyage New York, New York

Vaughn Boyage is a distant musical planet orbited by many satellites and moons. It's also a band that produces pure, unfiltered hits. Mostly guitar rock from NYC.

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Track Name: Ready?
I hear you talk about it, I see you walk around it
The rhythm slows and we rewind
My melodies are stagnant, all consonance is lost
Overwhelmed by what I can’t describe

Sink me, sink me, sink my ship
When you fight you know you'll win

I just can’t think about it, don’t want to hear about it
Push problems down into the ground
It’s all so overwhelming; I just can’t shake the feeling
You’ve written your last words for me

Such heavy language girl, you must know what you say
But do you know how much it weighs?
Track Name: Shake the Walls
Well I called to you, and you never called back
Sent you a letter, but you don't recall that
Waited for you, but you never came back
So here's my guitar, gonna give you a heart attack

I wrote you a song, the first day we met
I sang it to you, and you just shook your head
You said "I hear you boy, but you're singing too loud,
Take it down, and you can take me out"

I wanna shake the walls, in front of your heart
Gonna take your bones, and tear 'em apart

Packed my things, and I went away
Thinking I would just see you another day
But now you won't call me and this record's about you
Well I'm sure that the next one will be good without you

Playing across town and I see your face
Back of the room in this crowded space
I played you the song that I wrote when we met
From the look in your eyes it went right over your head
Track Name: 159 to Fort Lee
Fell asleep on the bus, left me six blocks up, taught me never to lie, always keep out an eye

Don't move, don't sing, I bring, nothing

Burned out I need a break, I'm all yours left to take, wires begin to fray, nothing here left to say

I know, you don't, I breathe, you see

One day I'll build my own, one day inside my home, paid for but left behind, screaming only inside

Don't move, don't speak, don't say, anything
Track Name: Sometimes
It changes things, hearing your breath between your ears
Breaths speed up, wasting oxygen
Block out sound around you and see what you hear
Faster pace of breath for what?

I shouldn't have to
We shouldn't have to
But all others before us have

Wasting years of time, and memories
Rushing home
Home is rarely as close as you want to be
Home is where you want to be

Want to get away
Let them be away
Always want to get away

Let those who want naught to do with us
Spend the time, coming in
So we can all relax, enjoy life
Make it something we want

We burn up our lives
All memories flash
Make it something that we want
Track Name: Lake Effect
I cry every time I hear "The Great Salt Lake"
Cause the chord at the top and the middle with the break
Remind me of your love
You never let me finish without bringing it around
To where it all started and reminding me about
That first song

I never met someone with so much in her head
Who never published thoughts or really said
All she feels like
But when I reach in and search for a word
You come out with the greatest sentence I've ever heard
In my whole life

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